Coaching with Consent: Workshop

Certification: AOP1: Open Agile Practitioner Level 1 (Associate Level)

Duration: 4 hours

Course Summary: Learn specific Open patterns and practices for coaching Agile teams. Discover how to avoid problems and gain alignment, engagement and fast improvement at the team level, by using a set of very specific Open coaching techniques.


  • Live interactive video online

  • Also delivered as a half-day onsite class & open enrollment seminar

Who Benefits Most From Attendance:

  • Scrum Masters

  • Agile Coaches

  • Engineering Managers

  • Team Members

  • Any leader interested in high-performing teams

We often find ourselves in environments where Agile transformations have been imposed on people and teams. Such transformations fail to deliver promised results, and they often create a sense of apathy in the teams we are tasked with helping. Through the use of Open Methods, we have a unique opportunity to stop playing “process police” and instead enable empowered teams through invitation.

In this class, you will learn tips and guidance on how to gain alignment, engagement and improvements at the team level using open techniques. We will also begin to look outwards from the team level to management. We will learn how to involve and engage people outside the team using Open Methods, and to empower them in turn to use Open Methods. 

This course covers the following:

  • What constitutes a learning team and how can I encourage my team to be a learning team? 

  • The Power of Invitation as applied to Teams

  • Explicit Agreements

  • Team and Coach-level Boundary Management

  • Clarity of Authorization

  • How to define and use explicit protocols

  • How to leverage Whole-Group process

  • Generating Common Knowledge to Align Groups of Teams

  • What constitutes a learning team and how can I encourage my team to be a learning team? 

Everyone who attends the workshop will receive a toolkit of techniques to improve team cohesion and teamwork, including:

  • Team Foundation: Advanced Topics: A list of suggested agreements, activities and discussions to set teams up for success and improve team bonding and teamwork 

  • Outside the Box: Inventive ideas to test in your team or company to improve culture and engagement

  • Exceptional Meetings: Innovative meeting formats that will improve team psychological safety, participation and engagement

  • Guiding questions: A list of questions to use in specific meetings to improve alignment and outcomes

Upon successfully completing this training, students are awarded the Agile Open Practitioner-Level 1 (AOP1) certification from The Open Leadership Network.